Brian Carlin is a multi award winning Photographer Camera Operator, Producer and Storyteller. The variety of work stretches from the Volvo Ocean Race to the America's Cup....


Onboard Reporter Manager for Volvo Ocean Race 17/18

I’m responsible for the recruiting and training of this years Onboard Reporters who sail onboard the VO65 yachts. 

The role varies from logistics, training, certification (Sea Survival, Medical, Drone, etc), working with OBR’s and teams to find the best fit for each team and choosing who sails on what boat each leg as we rotate OBR’s to keep the story fresh whilst allowing OBR’s to take a leg off to recuperate. I’m also responsible for the supply of camera equipment and technical clothing, I also liaise with all the skippers and team PRO’s to help with guidance on the role of the OBR and the teams individual sponsor requirements, arranging live calls and while back in Alicante HQ I’m there to support the OBR’s at sea.

Aerial and On Location Photographer for Volvo Ocean Race 17/18

Helicopter sorties and boat to boat finish line photographer.

Communications Manager for EWII Racing - WMRT Sailing Team 2016/17

Responsible for the media production and sponsorship activations for this sailing team. A global event across 7 countries, roles varied from overall communications plan for the team and sponsor, social media produced content and all sponsor activation during events. 

VT Editor for Redhanded TV - Word Match Racing Tour - Feb 2016 

VT Editor for the Live TV production in Fremantle, Australia. Responsible for all VT’s for the live show and the 26 minute tv highlights package distributed to 56 countries world wide. In addition,

Onboard Reporter for Team Vestas Wind in the Volvo Ocean Race 14/15 

The primary role is to be the teams storyteller onboard the yacht. The content is followed by direction from the TV production (Sunset and Vine - APP) team based in Alicante, Spain. A 4 minute VNR style edit, 8-10 photos and a written blog must be submitted daily for the duration of the race. It also included delivering the sponsors messages communication plan including various sub-sponsors i.e. Musto, Inmarsat, etc. 

The content produced from all 7 yachts was used to create 39 x 26min documentary shows “Life at the Extreme” broadcast to more than 75 countries worldwide. The series director was Francois Gandolfi (Hairy Bikers/ Embarrassing Bodies/The Gadget Show) and produced by Leon Sefton. 

Producer/Onboard reporter, Clipper Round The World Race August 2013 - June 2014
Onboard reporter/photographer/camera operator for 6 legs of the Clipper around the World Yacht Race. Responsibilities included VNR's for each leg of the race, video highlights edit for distribution to broadcasters and social media outlets. Producer for 9 x 26 minute Sports TV show and for 9 x 26 minute documentary "The Race of their Lives". BBC worldwide distributed the 2 shows globally. 

Official Photographer  for the Alpari World Match Racing Tour 2013 

Responsible for all photography for the World Match Racing Tour, on the water, prize givings, opening ceremonies, behind the scenes with the TV team. 

Producer for The Artemis Offshore Academy, May - July 2013 

Responsible for all media content (video, photography) for 5 British skippers competing in the Solitaire du Figaro 2013. Sponsor orientated content both moving and still imagery. A full feature video "Leg by Leg" review from all 5 skippers. 35 VNR's used primarily by the BBC in the UK. CNN Mainsail produced a 12 minute review from the VNR's aired on Sky Sports in January 2014. The photographs were used across 100+ publications from UK newspapers, websites and magazines. 

Camera Operator for the Alpari World Match Racing Tour 2012 

Onboard camera operator for the Alpari World Match Racing Tour for the 2012 season. 9 Live OB’s at each event, 9 x 26 minute highlight shows and 9 x 52 minute shows broadcast worldwide by IMG. 

Producer and Photographer for the Irish Olympic Team 2012 

Responsible for all media content (video, photography) for the Irish Olympic Team for the Pre-Olympic event Sail for Gold in Weymouth . 


Live: 3G/4G live broadcasting, RF Live Broadcasting, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro CC, OB’s, Camera’s: Sony EX1/2/3, PMW100/150/200/500/700/800, FS7, Canon C200, Garmin 360 cams, Drone -DJI Phantom Series. Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 1DX Mark II. 

Awards: Winner of the Inmarsat Leg 1 Onboard Reporter (Volvo Ocean Race)
2014 and Yachts and Yachting Photograph of the Year 2015 - Top 20 Photographers of 2014 AIPS Awards.